In Case You Get Hit by a Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now for When You’re Not Around Later
Virtual Book Talk – Abby Schneiderman and Adam Seifer authors
Thank you to [words] Bookstore owner, Jonah Zimiles for organizing some wonderful book talks for Women’s History Month!

This particular talk is something women and men alike need to know! Figure out how to prepare your estate and favorite things for when you leave this world for the next.The odds of getting hit by a bus are 495,000 to 1. But the odds that you’re going to die some day of something? Exactly.

In Case You Get Hit By A Bus will help even the most disorganized among us take control of our on- and off-line details so our loved ones won’t have to scramble later. Breaking the task down into three levels, from the most urgent (like granting access to passwords), to the technical (creating a manual for the systems in your home), to the nostalgic (assembling a living memory), this clear, step-by-step program not only removes the anxiety and stress from getting your life in order, it’s actually liberating.

Thursday, March 11, at 7:30 PM
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