Hosts and Sponsors

SOMA Celebrates Women Host Committee

  • Nancy Adams, Maplewood Township Committeewoman
  • Sheena Collum, South Orange Village President
  • Karen Hartshorn Hilton, South Orange Village Trustee
  • Summer Jones, South Orange Village Trustee
  • Donna Coallier, South Orange Village Trustee
  • Shannon Cuttle, 1st Vice President, SOMSD Board of Education
  • Julie Doran, South Orange Deputy Administrator
  • Deb Yohannan, Executive Director of the Maplewood Village Alliance
  • Nicole Wallace, Executive Director of the Springfield Avenue Partnership
  • Kathy Leventhal, Former Deputy Mayor of Maplewood Township
  • Garnet Hall, Vice Chair of the Maplewood Democratic Committee
  • Candice Davenport, Maplewood Health Officer
  • Lisa Mainardi, Event Coordinator, Maplewood Division of Arts & Culture
  • Ana De Archuleta, Director, Maplewood Division of Arts & Cultural
  • Melissa Mancuso, Director Maplewood Department of Community Services
  • Sarah Lester, Maplewood Library Director
  • Melissa Hodge, Acting Director South Orange Village Alliance
  • Peter Travers, Director South Orange Recreation & Cultural Affairs


Special Thanks