Women Owned Businesses

Women-Owned (or Co-Owned) Businesses in Maplewood Village below. Those highlighted are linked to the business’ website.

Business Name Address
A Paper Hat 94 Baker Street
Abby Haliti Salon 160 Maplewood Avenue
Baker Street Market 96 Baker Street
Baker Street Yoga 97 Baker Street
Bee & Thistle 89 Baker Street
Bill & Harrys 147 Maplewood Avenue
Brave Floral 87 Baker Street
Cannaboss Lady 9 Highland Place
Chaise Fitness 178 Maplewood Avenue
City Workshop Men’s Supply 94 Baker Street
GenWealth Group 6 Inwood Place
Greens Indoor Golf 97 Baker Street
Hopscotch at Home 174 Maplewood Avenue
Inspired Garden 55 Maplewood Avenue
Kimaya Kama 168 Maplewood Avenue
Kim’s Nails 173 Maplewood Avenue
KoKoRo 172 Maplewood Avenue
Leo’s Nails 169 Maplewood Avenue
Little Bee Learning Studio 187 Maplewood Avenue
Maple Leaf Diner 165 Maplewood Avenue
Maplewood Dry Cleaner 97 Baker Street
Maplewood Optical 170 Maplewood Avenue
Meus Shop 98 Baker Street
Mona Lisa Framing 7 Highland Place
No. 165 165 Maplewood Avenue
Palmer’s Sweetery 1 Highland Place
Perch Home 9 Highland Place
Relic Antiques 101 Baker Street
Retail Therapy 7 Highland Place
Toy Division 101 Baker Street
Victory Salon 1 Depot Plaza
Village Trattoria 2 Inwood Place
Wild Ginger 175 Maplewood Avenue

Lidia Johnson Dance                                      10 Durand Rd.

Women-Owned (Or Co-Owned) Businesses on Springfield Avenue, Maplewood (SAM) below. Those highlighted are linked to the business’ website.

Business Name Address
3 Daughters Baking 1875 Springfield Avenue
Acme Rubber Stamp 6 Burnett Avenue
Akuaba Fashions 1966 Springfield Avenue
Al Sham 1655 Springfield Avenue
Astah’s Fine Art Gallery 1897 Springfield Avenue
CKO Maplewood 1933 Springfield Avenue
Corn Bread 1565 Springfield Avenue
Diamond African Braiding 1960 Springfield Avenue
Dominican Sparkle 1675 Springfield Avenue
D’Personal Touch Hair Salon 1910 Springfield Avenue
Dry Goods Refillery 1875 Springfield Avenue
Energy Pathways to Harmony 1861 Springfield Avenue
Express Yourself Studios 1877 Springfield Avenue
Favor Tee 1607 Springfield Avenue
Fina Nail Bar 1607 Springfield Avenue
General Store Cooperative 1875 Springfield Avenue
Gigi Cupcake 1925 Springfield Avenue
Gina’s Hair 1891 Springfield Avenue
Glam Fabric Store 1611 Springfield Avenue
Good Bottle Refill 1875 Springfield Avenue
Hair Chalet Multicultural Designers 1632 Springfield Avenue
Hibara Stores 1550 Springfield Avenue
Inspirational Dance 1634 Springfield Avenue
Jessica Income Tax 1549 Springfield Avenue
Kitchen and Bath Design Studio 1901 Springfield Avenue
LaChaney’s Dance & Music Academy 1747 Springfield Avenue
Le Petit Academy 1529 Springfield Avenue
Lexann Pharmacy 1885 Springfield Avenue
L’oquence 1703 Springfield Avenue
Lotus Petals Floral 1779 Springfield Avenue
Maplewood Bridal 1611 Springfield Avenue
Mina’s Day Care 1757 Springfield Avenue
My Hands Your Hair 1669 Springfield Avenue
Nuestra Tierra 1753 Springfield Avenue
NY Bagels Kimyada 1857 Springfield Avenue
Our Gang Travel 1897 Springfield Avenue
Park Wood Diner 1958 Springfield Avenue
Prenatal Ultrasound 1860 Springfield Avenue
Pro Elite Nutrition 1912 Springfield Avenue
Psychic Readings 1785 Springfield Avenue
Shakti Yoga 1861 Springfield Avenue
The Fringe Salon 1874 Springfield Avenue
Tile Design Inspirations/Bath and Studio 1903 Springfield Avenue
Trax Salon 1881 Springfield Avenue
UpperSchelon Luxury Hair 1921 Springfield Avenue
You’re Cordially Invited 1877 Springfield Avenue

Women-Owned (or Co-Owned) Businesses in South Orange below. Those highlighted are linked to the business’ website.

Business Name Address
7 Layer Studio 50 South Orange Ave.
Artistry Salon 165 Valley Street
Best in Class 71 Valley Street
Bistro D’Azur 14 Academy Street
Bunny’s 12-14 W South Orange Ave
Cafe Word Bookstore 108 W South Orange ave
Charlene K Beauty Bar 318 Irvington Ave.
Chris Family Diner 51 South Orange Ave.
Concepts Dance Academy 50 South Orange Ave.
Dawn Opticians 63 Second Street
Deborah Engel Consulting 19 Prospect St.
Demetrius Day Spa & Salon 137 South Orange Ave.
Elitist Coffee Shop 132 South Orange Ave.
Elle Worx 177 Valley Street
Eventage 18 South Orange Ave.
First Class Nails 129 South Orange Ave.
Fittingroom Gala 122 South Orange
Giorgio’s Ristorante 52 Vose Ave.
Glady’s Nail 53 South Orange Ave.
Global Hair Image 124 South Orange Ave.
Inkoski Cafe 251 Irvington Ave
Jackie and Son 134 South Orange Ave.
Kitchen a la Mode 19 South Orange Ave.
La Villa Mexican and Salvadoran Food 261 Irvington Ave.
Le Petite Academy 410 Irvington Avenue
Lumie Salon 260 Valley Street
MOD Studio 15 Village Plaza
Munchie’s Take A Lickle Taste 307 Irvington Ave.
Naby Dominican Salon 320 Irvington Ave.
Neighbors Wine Shop 319 South Orange Ave.
Oh! Canary 165b Valley Street
Oranges Spa 110A Valley Street
Papillon 25 25 Valley Street
Private Quarters 12 Academy Street
Red by Rubyredroots 313 Irvington Ave
Sadie’s 65 Valle Street
SewLeana 12 W South Orange Ave.
Silked the Salon 75 South Orange Ave Ste 210
Slek Styling Bar 6 Village Plaza
The Fur Salon 15 Village Plaza
The Local Yarn Store 15 Village Plaza
The Order 50 W South Orange Ave.
Toro Loco 23 Valley Street
Village  Trattoria 21 South Orange Ave.
Walia Ethiopian Restaurant 11 Village Plaza
Wildly Florals 12 W South Orange Ave.
Wine Emporium 25 Valley Street
Zoe’s Nails 53 Academy Street

Women-Owned (or Co-Owned) Businesses in Maplewood below. Those highlighted are linked to the business’ website.

Gefken Flowers & Gift Baskets     432 Ridgewood Rd, Maplewood

MADA Shop + Studio                      410 Ridgewood Rd, Maplewood

Milk Money                                        410 Ridgewood Rd, Maplewood

Renaissance Consignment Boutique     410 Ridgewood Rd, Maplewood

West Village Clothing                        410 Ridgewood Rd, Maplewood

Yellow Rose Vegan Bakery & Cafe   410 Ridgewood Rd, Maplewood